Sooner SafeRooms, Inc. offers the safest and strongest above-ground concrete storm shelters.  Located in Okmulgee County, in Northeastern Oklahoma, in the heart of tornado alley, Sooner SafeRooms specializes in cast-in-place, retro-fitted, free-standing and pre-cast saferooms.  These saferooms are placed above-ground for easy access and convenience when seconds count during inclement weather.  They can be placed inside the home to allow you and your family to be safe without having to run outside in the storm elements, possibly being pelted by debris and heavy rains just to gain access to safety.  By being placed above-ground, there are no worries about entering a wet or flooded cellar and possibly becoming trapped below ground by debris during a tornado strike.  
   Each saferoom requires a solid concrete foundation, which can either be poured continuous with the house footing in new construction or be poured separately as a free-standing or retro-fitted saferoom application.  Reinforcement dowels are placed on twelve inch centers around the perimeter and extend through the slab and into the saferoom walls.  The walls and ceiling are then poured simultaneously with the door jamb embedded into the concrete walls, rather than simply being attached with clips.  The door, itself, is a 14-gauge, double-sided, steel door with triple deadbolt locks.  The ceiling has a unique anti-spalling layer, which prevents occupants from being injured in the event a falling object impacts the top. 

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